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Why my father never wanted to talk about his Hollywood years

My father Maurice Liu, 1936, age 24. All images courtesy of the author

I was cleaning out my father’s office after his death when I discovered the history of his movie years, stuffed into a soft red and gold Moroccan leather folio. This trove of yellowing newspaper clippings and gauzy headshots thrilled me. …

Author of East-West novels and all sorts of nonfiction, ghostwriter, MFA advisor, former painter… and current photopainter!

Image by Carolyn Hall Young


If you love novels about Americans in Asia and Asians in America and the families that form between them, you may have read my fiction. In the 1990s I published two novels, Face and Cloud Mountain, based on my family’s mixed-race history and my examination of my own Chinese-American identity:

Finding a memoir’s touchstone in its opening pages

Photo by mk. s on Unsplash

Have you ever really considered the purpose of introductions…or forewords…or prefaces…or prologues? Do you even know the difference between these various types of “front matter”? I’ve written in most of these forms, but I never gave their distinctions much thought until recently, when I was poring for the umpteenth time…

Join in the hunt for my father’s mysterious treasure box

My father, age 4, 1916, Shanghai. Photo courtesy of author

Happy 2022 !

I spent the holidays finishing up an assignment that’s consumed most of my energy for 14 months, and today I’m savoring the prospect of concentrating on my own work going forward. That work includes a memoir about my father that I started shortly after his death, way…

Whether your work deserves to sink or sail will depend on your creative perspective

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

As a writer and teacher of writing, I’m all too familiar with the danger of reshuffling rather than revising. Especially lately, I often feel as if I’m just rearranging the deckchairs to avoid the inevitable fate of my titanic memoir. I’ve been working on the thing now, off and on…

Yes! The American system of medicalized care, coupled with the economics of American medicine, sucks the souls out of doctors without their even realizing it. So does our system of specialized medicine, which emphasizes symptoms and diagnoses over humanity. I've worked with our Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, who's written eloquently about this loss in American medical practice. This is a beautiful, necessary piece, Cai.

Aimee Liu

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