Author, Asian-American novels (Glorious Boy), nonfiction on eating disorders (Gaining), writing, wellness. Published @Hachette. MFA & more@

Why my father never wanted to talk about his Hollywood years

My father Maurice Liu, 1936, age 24. All images courtesy of the author

I was cleaning out my father’s office after his death when I discovered the history of his movie years, stuffed into a soft red and gold Moroccan leather folio. This trove of yellowing newspaper clippings and gauzy headshots thrilled me. …

Author of East-West novels and all sorts of nonfiction, ghostwriter, MFA advisor, former painter… and current photopainter!

Image by Carolyn Hall Young


If you love novels about Americans in Asia and Asians in America and the families that form between them, you may have read my fiction. In the 1990s I published two novels, Face and Cloud Mountain, based on my family’s mixed-race history and my examination of my own Chinese-American identity:

When one story’s not enough to tell the whole story

Photo by Pickled Stardust on Unsplash

No one sets out to write a memoir on a whim. This particular form of nonfiction is almost always written in response to a personal experience that burrows so deep, it won’t let go until its whole story is investigated. The memoir, then, becomes that investigation.

The event that triggered…

Hometown memories become a source of cheer during medical emergencies

Emergency Room. Photo by author.

What makes for a delightful conversation when you’re waiting to find out whether a loved one is closer to life, or to death? Well, if the emergency room is in Los Angeles, chats about the good old days on the East Coast seem to be just the ticket.

I’ve spent…

Going back to school in my 50s was the best decision of my writing life

Goddard residency snowball fight. Photo by author.

Our first night at Bennington, my classmates and I gathered in our dorm’s common room as if we were twenty years old. In fact, our ages ranged from 25 to 69, with more than a third of us over 50. Our various “real life” professions included community organizing, website design…

Aimee Liu

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